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ULI San Diego-Tijuana News

“Tactical Urbanism” Taking Hold in San Diego…

‘Tactical Urbanism’ Taking Hold in San Diego Development: Concept Bringing Vacant Lots to Life By LOU HIRSH Friday, August 15, 2014 Slowly but noticeably, “tactical urbanism” is playing out in San Diego and other large cities where young people are flocking to high-density core neighborhoods … Read More

Two Scholarship Opportunities for the 2014…

The Urban Land Institute is pleased to offer two scholarship opportunities for the 2014 Fall Meeting: the Wells Fargo ULI Student Scholarship Program and the Women’s Leadership Initiative Scholarship. Wells Fargo ULI Student Scholarship Program The Wells Fargo ULI Student Scholarship Program awards scholarships to undergraduate students and … Read More

‘Urban prototyping’: Next buzzword


Like car companies, real estate industry looking to speed up innovation through trial and error By Roger Showley 6 a.m.Aug. 15, 2014 Add “urban prototyping” to your list of buzzwords in the world of real estate. The concept, modeled on the auto industry, uses trial-and-error experimentation, consumer … Read More

Mexico Beckons Architects

Dozens on tour of landmark projects in Tijuana reminded of less red tape and cheaper costs below the border By Roger Showley 5:08 a.m.Aug. 10, 2014 San Diego architects frustrated with endless regulations have an alternative — work in Mexico. That was one of the goals of … Read More